Our Vision


We're hoping the world that everyone enjoys own values without any judgement and is respected friendly.


Achieving toward such the world, Citizens should fully commit without any social exclusion and encourage our society to respect the values of Social Justice.



We believe all humans have the power to change the world. But the environment of Japan does not grow the sense of Active citizenship. So we will promote Active Citizenship, Diversity and Social Justice for achieving our vision. Here is our view of Japanese Society.

Theory of Social Change in Japan

We aim for our vision through following Theory of Social Change.

  • Promoting Active Citizenship and growing the self-esteem of people through Educational approach and sharing success experience of social movements
  • Ensuring Social Justice Mind by showing Social Injustice on domestic and global issues
  • Becoming the catalyst to bridge among generations, religions, countries and issues/ approaches

Our Activities

Citizenship Education

  • Youth Ambassador Program
  • On-The-Ground Training
  • Citizenship Workshop 
  • Tabling and outreaching


  • Social Justice Annual Campaigns
  • Monthly topics





  • National Youth Social Issue Conference
  • Social Justice Gathering

Empathy Building

  • Dialogue Events
  • Socializing Party with Diversity

Join our movements! 

Although our organization is still small, but we will plan and more and more passion.

If we unite for common vision, we can do make the difference.


Volunteer, Donation, Working together is always welcome. Please contact us !


We are happy to work together with NGOs and Foundations of other countries.

Especially, our capacity is really limited. If any organization would like to promote Social Justice in Japan, we love to work together.

Contact us

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